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What is Shopatron and how can it help you?

What is Shopatron and how can it help you?

The Shopatron network makes shopping more convenient for customers and can help retailers increase their business.

While the Internet has bade it easier to learn about products you need (by going to a manufacturer's website), it hasn't always made it easier to buy the products on line (because some manufacturers, like Joan Baker Designs, want to support their retailers, not compete with them).

The Shopatron network was developed to help. Once you have located the special products you need at the manufacturer's website, you may order form the manufacturer's Shopatron-enabled catalog and get your products a few days later. The innovative Shopatron network seamlessly connects you with the manufacturer's retailer and completes the connection from ""find"" to ""buy"" to ""enjoy"".  

The unique way Shopatron works is by linking the manufacturer's website to an online catalog, where you can see all of the products of the manufacturer. After placing your order online, an authorized retailer fills and ships your order. One of this retailer's responsibilities is to offer great support and after-sale service. Each manufacturer and authorized retailer must meet strict service-quality standards to ensure that you have a satisfying experience every time you buy using the Shopatron network.


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