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Painted Ponies Press Release
April, 2009

Let the Sun Shine Through a Trail of the Panted Ponies Suncatcher

Painted Ponies

A licensing partnership has been formed between The Trail of the Painted Ponies and Joan Baker Designs, the original-painted art glass company. Both parties are excited about the synergy of working together, since both are known for innovative products and beautiful, original art.

According to Rod Barker, President of The Trail of the Painted Ponies, his company and Joan Baker Designs are a great fit for these times.  "One of the reasons that The Trail of the Painted Ponies figurines have become one of the most beloved collectibles in America is they begin as original works of art created by artists across the country.  When people purchase a figurine, they feel like they are buying a miniature work of art for a tremendous price.  The same can be said for the suncatchers and candle plaques created by Joan Baker Designs. Together, we are making art, beauty and quality available at a very affordable cost,  In our current business climate, where people are more thoughtful about how they spend their money on things they don't need, but make them feel good, perception of value is critical."

Joan Baker McKee, the founder and owner of Joan Baker Designs, agrees.  "I have always had one basic criterion for product development: If someone bought it for me, would I be happy?  The Trail of the Painted Ponies is a product line we are very proud of.  I know it's something anyone can be excited about giving and thrilled about owning, whether they are a collector or it's their first piece."

Rod Barker adds, "In this economy, people are looking for things that light up their lives and lift their spiris.  Suncatchers and candle plaques inspired by imagery form The Trail of Painted Ponies will do just that.  Each piece is crafted with exquisite attention to detail, faithfully capturing the unique beauty of the original horse."

Joan Baker Designs has long specialized in creating art that captures light as an added element, bringing warmth and brightness to any room or office.  "This is why," Joan and Rod say, "we have adopted the slogan, 'Let the Sun Shine Through a Trail of the Painted Ponies Suncatchers."

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