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Suncatcher-SWSPP014-Wish Upon a Star - Wish Upon a Star

Suncatcher-SWSPP014-Wish Upon a Star

Artist: Star Liana York Although no unicorn sightings have been reported in centuries, this mysteriously beautiful creature is alive and well in legend and myth, and in our hearts and minds. Believed to be a fabulous hybrid with the body of a white horse, the cloven hooves of a goat, a lion's tail, and a slender, golden spiral horn on its forehead, the unicorn is an animal of good omen and magical qualities. It is reported to appear to true believers when the time is right. The perfect gift for unicorn lovers, "Wish Upon a Star" was created by the multi-talented artist who sculpted all the original Painted Pony horse forms.
Price:   $33.00
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Size 9" X 6.5"
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